How To Curse Someone

How To Curse Someone

How To Curse Someone

If you are here and thinking about casting a cursing spell, you must be extremely tired of someone, and now you want to take your revenge. You can do that by casting a curse on them using the simple methods mentioned below. You choose the method that suits you and destroy your enemy.

Fire Spell

A fire spell is the most straightforward spell to cast. But for this spell, you must have hatred for the person. If you have any soft corner for that person, this curse will not work, so make sure you hate the person. For casting this spell, you will need

  1. Fire (wood for the fire)
  2. A picture of your enemy
  3. Their full name

How To Cast

  • Lit a fire and keep adding wood to make it intense.
  • Imagine the person you want to destroy sitting in front of you
  • Now start venting your rage and hatred at them.
  • Stare at the image of that person in furious wrath. You can use loud, raging music to give rise to your hatred intensely.
  • Chant the curse


“Dear Goddess Adrestia, do you hear my cry?

For every day, (your enemy’s name) suffers. Please make that individual feel what I feel, not that I want them to die. Make their hearts pound with sadness. Take away what they cherish the most.

Please give them a life of pain and sadness. Can you hear me when I pray?

So let it be.”

  • When the chant is over, burn the photo in the flame.


Cast this spell at midnight when the moon is visible.

Mirror Spell

In Ancient times, Mirrors were frequently used in the practice of witchcraft and still held power to cast spells. It is said that they can reflect positive and negative energies. The energy depends on your feelings during the moment you use them. You can cast This spell to curse someone. To cast this spell, you will need a

  1. A mirror
  2.  A length of black ribbon
  3. A marker that is also black
  4. Charred wood ash
  5. Huge bay leaves.
  • How To Cast
  • Write the name of the person in capital letters.
  • Use bay leaves to conceal the name.
  • Tie the bay leaves and the mirror together with the ribbon.
  • On top of the leaves, scatter a small amount of ash.
  • Tie everything with a knot.
  • To attract bad energy, concentrate on your need for retribution.
  • Chant, “From me to you, Take responsibility for what you’ve done,” while placing your hand on the mirror’s face.
  • Keep the wrapped mirror under your bed to cast the magic.
  • Simply remove the mirror from your bed to dispel the enchantment once you see a difference.
  • After that, You can bury the ashes and leaves in a quiet location.


This curse spell should be performed on a Saturday night for best results.

Things To Remember

Both of the curses listed here are accessible to everyone, and anyone can cast them. But to see the results, the caster must have hatred for them. The stronger your hate is, the more influential the results.

The most important thing is never to overuse retribution spells since everything you cast on someone else will come back to you if you keep casting them.





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