Black Magic to kill Enemy

Black Magic to kill enemy

If you are looking for black magic to kill an enemy, then you are in the right place. Here is how to use get rid of an enemy without getting noticed.

 The desire to take revenge is a common human emotion; there is nothing wrong with that. If you cannot take revenge on your enemy, then nothing is over yet.

 You can use black magic’s help to get rid of him forever and live your life peacefully without ever getting noticed. The array of black magic is enormous, and you can use the powders, specific ingredients, voodoo dolls and mantras to get rid of your enemy. But be mindful of the fact that these are extremely powerful, so you should cast them with extreme care.

Method to Kill Enemy by Black Spell

If you want to kill the enemy with the black spell, it is not difficult for you. Following are the things you require to execute this black spell:


  • One Tomato
  • Two bones of the chicken
  • The soil on which your enemy has walked on
  • Cardboard
  • Seven black pepper seed
  • Dark black coloured cloth
  • Dirt from the graveyard near you

Steps to follow to Cast the Black Magic to Kill the Enemy

Here are the steps to follow to cast the black magic to kill the enemy. Execute the carefully without any hurry:


  • Take the tomato and remove all the material inside of it
  • Put the soil of the enemy on which if he has stepped on
  • Put the dirt of the graveyard in the tomato and then cover it with the cloth and place it on the cardboard
  • Take the two chicken bones and cover them with the black cloth
  • After covering the chicken bones, read the following words loudly with the bone in your hand:


‘Bones of anger, bones of dust

Full of fury, revenge is just I scatter these bones, bones of rage

Take thine, enemy, bring him pain

I see thine enemy before me now

I bind him and crush him

Bring him down

With these bones, I now do crush

Make thine enemy turn to dust

Torment, fire out of control

With this Hex, I curse your soul

So it be.’’


Repeat this 71 times, and after that, place the bones covered in black cloth in the box and then bury that cardboard box in the graveyard.

Precautions to Follow for the Black Magic to Kill the Enemy

As you know, these black magics are potent and so follow these mentioned below instructions:


  • Carry out this magic spell on the Saturday before the sunset
  • Don’t tell anyone anything about the spell
  • Bury the box in the graveyard as soon as possible


Following these instructions is to prevent you from the harm of a magic spell working back on you. Be mindful that these spells must be carried out only when your enemy has inflicted severe damage to you, like murdering your family member or committing any heinous crime.


If you are carrying out these spells casually, there is a high chance that they will cause more damage than benefits. We hope that the above-mentioned magics and precautions that we have listed will help you to get your desired results without any problems.




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