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Spells of Death To Destroy Your Enemy

Spells of Death are powerful spells that people perform to destroy their enemy. Most death spells are challenging to perform as they involve significant risks. So before casting any death spell, you should know that it can also have some adverse effects on you.

Black Magic

Black magic is the strongest and oldest spell of all time. People are performing it for death and misery. Every region has its own myths and methods of black magic. The one discussed in this blog post is Greek Black Magic, which people have been performing for the longest time. For casting the spell, you will need,

  1. Chalk or stick
  2. Big pieces of paper
  3. Candles 
  4. Puppet ( black cloth, scissor, needle, thread, crystals, hair, nail clippings from the person you are casting a spell on)

Making of Puppet

Take a black piece of fabric and cut two layers into the form of a small human( like a doll). The form should resemble the person you want to cast a spell on. Sew its edges with thread.

Now fill it with crystals, nail clipping, hairs, or anything that belongs to that person. Now close the poppet by sewing the head. Try to add things that the person has touched.

Casting of Spell

  • You have to choose a clean spot as your sacred place where you can perform the magic.
  • Draw a circle with the help of chalk or a stick. Now draw a pentagon inside the circle.  
  • Take a large piece of paper and draw another circle where you can stand.
  • Light up the candles around the circle and step inside.
  • After entering the circle, keep your focus straight on the intentions of death.
  • While standing in the circle, take the Puppet and say these words louder.

“I bind your feet from giving rise. I bind your hands from reaching out to anyone. I bind your mouth from spreading tales. I bind your mind from carrying energy.”

  • Now wrap the poppet in black ribbon.
  • Now, wait for the candles to burn completely.

Jar Spell

Jar spell is a comparatively easy death spell and has fewer negative effects. But it still requires concentration and great focus to cast it. For casting the jar spell, you will need,

  1. A glass jar
  2. A pomegranate
  3. Black fabric
  4. Picture of targeted person
  5. Black salt
  6. Candle wax

How To Cast

  • Take a glass jar and cleanse it with moon water.
  • Draw a circle and place the jar in the center of the circle.
  • Now take a pomegranate & cover it with black fabric, and put it in the jar.
  • Now tear the person’s picture ( whom you are casting a spell on) and put the pieces of the pictures in the jar.
  • Add two pinches of black salt.
  • Seal the jar’s lid with candle wax.
  • Take the jar and bury it at the cemetery on the full moon at midnight.

Now, wait for the spell to work!





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